Focus includes camera monitoring, radio and intercom, sound and light alarm application platforms and ships at sea, Eaton ex communications all companies of the group through the integration of its product line, and integrators to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers. From the product design phase to delivery, our one-stop service helps streamline processes, improve efficiency, and cost savings.
Yuhua since its inception in 1988, focusing on explosion-proof area on land, especially in the petrochemical market camera monitoring solution. Yuhua always adhere to independent innovation, product technology, with completely independent intellectual property rights, has been the industry's leading brands. Now, we, as Eaton's subsidiary in China, explosion-proof communications group, provide product line to meet explosion-proof camera monitoring, full range of industrial communication intercom application.
We are committed to expanding the mining business market, from a single mine explosion-proof camera monitoring, the development of underground explosion-proof areas distribution use, including dispatching and communication system, transmission electric control and protection system, shaft signal systems. Our technologies and products from Eaton's explosion-proof communication group Germany Enterprise FHF. We're FHF product and technology into a more appropriate application of mining market in China, services the domestic market, to create greater value for customers.

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Cooper Yuhua (Changzhou) Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD has been a leading range of entire ex-proof CCTV products and systems solution in oil & gas, refinery, coal mining industries in China since 1988. Our products work in extreme harsh and hazardous areas, protecting people and equipment……

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   云南石化大炼油项目(年产1000 万吨炼油)
   广东石化大炼油项目(年产2000 万吨炼油)
   中化泉州大炼油项目(年产1200 万吨炼油)
   抚顺大炼油项目(年产1000 万吨炼油+100 万吨乙烯)
   福建大炼油项目(年产1200 万吨炼油+80 万吨乙烯
   茂名大乙烯项目(年产100 万吨乙烯)